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How to get upper foldername?

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Nik Rocky
Nik Rocky on 24 Jun 2020
Commented: Nik Rocky on 24 Jun 2020
subfoldername = '/home/user/workspace/QT/Software_2.0_QT/IO/Motor_Set_1/' %changes every loop
foldername = ?
How to get:
P.S. independent of current folder

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KSSV on 24 Jun 2020
You should already be having it in hand..isn't it?

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Jun 2020
I put fileparts() into a function called GetParentFolder() because I use it so often. I've attached it.


Nik Rocky
Nik Rocky on 24 Jun 2020
Thank you, but it not working by me:
FilePath = '/home/user/workspace/QT/Software_2.0_QT/IO/Motor_Set_1/AKG_C1000S/Distance_0.5m/Scenario_M1/001_m1_60_const_20200611_200515/001_m1_60_const_20200611_200515_SNR_F1/'
ans =
i change also msgboxw(message); to msgbox(message);, because it was a MATLAB error.
I have MATLAB R2018a
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 24 Jun 2020
Sorry, that was written before MATLAB had the strsplit() function so I used a FileExchange function. So I've completely redone the function and attached it. It will also handle some rare stress cases properly. Here is a variety of test cases to check if it worked correctly.
[parentFolder, childFolder] = GetParentFolder('D:/aaa/bbb') % No trailing slash
[parentFolder, childFolder] = GetParentFolder('D:/aaa/') % Treailing slash
[parentFolder, childFolder] = GetParentFolder('D:/aaa')
[parentFolder, childFolder] = GetParentFolder('D:/') % Root folder.
f = fullfile(pwd, 'a.txt'); % What happens if we pass in a file (that exists) instead of a folder? It still works!
[parentFolder, childFolder] = GetParentFolder(f)
% Try a folder with a dot in the deepest folder name so it looks like a filename might look.
folderName = 'D:\OneDrive\Matlab\work\Tests\level1.level2' % Folder must exist for you to test this case.
[parentFolder, childFolder] = GetParentFolder(folderName)
I wanted a general purpose function where I got both the parent folder, and the child (deepest) folder. Note that if you simply use
[parentFolder, childFolder] = fileparts(startingFolder);
and pass in a filename, you won't get the child folder correctly since it would return the base file name of the file as the child folder. Plus if you have a folder where the deepest folder has a dot in the name it won't work then either. So I put in a few lines of code to handle those cases.
% Gets the folder one level up. If startingFolder is a filename with an extension it gets the containing folder and the child folder is null.
% Returns null for both if the folder does not exist, and it's not a filename either.
function [parentFolder, childFolder] = GetParentFolder(startingFolder)
parentFolder = []; % Initialize
childFolder = [];
if isfolder(startingFolder)
[parentFolder, childFolder, ext] = fileparts(startingFolder);
% Need to append extension for rare cases where deepest folder has a dot in the name.
childFolder = [childFolder, ext];
elseif isfile(startingFolder)
% It's a filename, not a folder. Need to change otherwise childFolder will be returned as the base file name.
[parentFolder, childFolder, ext] = fileparts(startingFolder);
childFolder = []; % No child folder since it's a filename, not a folder name.
catch ME
message = sprintf('Error in GetParentFolder():\n%s', ME.message);
return; % from GetParentFolder
Nik Rocky
Nik Rocky on 24 Jun 2020
Wow, its works, thank you very much! You do a great job and I'm very helpful for great description and attachment!

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