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Row position and find value

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I have having some trouble with locating the position of the row in a table and then using that same row to find the value in column 3.
I first used:
Accelval=find(strcmp(mergetable1{:,1},AccelSN),1) to find the value where the first column matches the variable where the user has an input. The I would like to find the row position of this value. After determining the row position, I must create a new variable that uses the row position to find the value in column 3.
Any suggestions?


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Accepted Answer

madhan ravi
madhan ravi on 30 Jun 2020
[rows, columns] = ... and use the rows to index the table of column 3


Alexandra Philip
Alexandra Philip on 30 Jun 2020
Thank you. So, just for clarification, I would use:
[rows, columns]=find(strcmp(mergetable1{:,1},AccelSN),1)

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