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iteration with for for a simple computation

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Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers on 8 Jul 2020
Commented: Paul Rogers on 8 Jul 2020
I'd like do write this expression in a more compact and generic way, like with a for:
T = c(1)*cos(0) + c(2).*cos(1.*acos((m))) + c(3).*cos(2.*acos((m))) + c(4).*cos(3.*acos((m))) + ...
where the vector m and c are in attached.


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Accepted Answer

dpb on 8 Jul 2020
One way amongst many...
z=acos(m); % precompute the constant array
T=c(1)+sum(cell2mat(arrayfun(@(c,i) c*cos(i*z),c(2:end),[1:numel(c)-1].','UniformOutput',false)));
The straight for...end loop might be quicker and probably easier to read.
I don't know if the JIT optimizer can find and eliminate the redundant calculation of acos(m) on its own or not; didn't try any timing tests...

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Paul Rogers
Paul Rogers on 8 Jul 2020
brilliant, thank you a lot, it's a solution I would have never tought!

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