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How to get the diagonal point pairs of a 2D rectangle?

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I am trying to find the diagonal point pair of an arbitrary input rectangle. i.e.
A = [1,1];
B = [-1,-1];
C = [1,-1];
D = [-1,1];
The expected output should be (A,B) and (C,D). The rectangle should be A,D,B,C in counterclockwise. Is there any function in Matlab could do it? I had tried ispolycw. But it only care the clockwise, not the diagonal. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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Accepted Answer

Shubham Shukla
Shubham Shukla on 13 Jul 2020
A & B are diagonal points if both the coordinates of A and B differ, provided that the rectangle has non-zero width and height.
A = [x1, y1], B = [x2, y2]
if x1 ~= x2 and y1~=y2
" A and B are diagonal Pair"
Do this for all point pairs.


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