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Accessing information within a structure in app designer and How to pass data from one push-button to the other

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Curious Mind
Curious Mind on 18 Jul 2020
Commented: Curious Mind on 20 Jul 2020
Hi, I am developing a simple app using the app designer. This is pretty new to me and I am not experienced when it comes to app designer or gui in general. I have the code below,
for i = numel(F(2))
U_R = [F.y]';
  1. Now F is a structure. It has 3 columns. Column 2 is labeled y and I want to assign y to U_R using U_R = [F.y]. When I run the gui I get an error '' Undefined fuction F for input arguments of type double'. How do I fix this problem?
  2. Also how do I add a property section such that I can access or pass data to every pushbutton in the gui (app)?
Thank you!


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Curious Mind
Curious Mind on 18 Jul 2020
1. Thanks for your response. F is a structure which is an output in workspace. How should I write the code for it to be recognized as a structure?
2. How do I add F which is a structure in the property section?
Rachel Surridge
Rachel Surridge on 18 Jul 2020
2. If F is in your base MATLAB workspace, you can import it into your app using a statement like this in the properties section of the app:
properties (Access = private)
F = evalin('base', 'F');
If the for loop you posted originally is inside the app, then I think the code above should resolve your first question too. F is likely not being recognized as a structure because the app doesn't know where to find it. Using the evalin statement will put F in a workspace that the app can access, so it will be able to recognize it as a structure.
Curious Mind
Curious Mind on 20 Jul 2020
Hi Rachel, thanks for the code. F is not being displayed in the workspace. When I run the code on the matlab command line and F appears in the workspace and then I run the app using your code the it works. Is there a way I can pass information/output from the app to the workspace? As long as F appears in the workspace then your code will work because the app will recognize it. Thanks!

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 18 Jul 2020
In the upper left of app designer, you will have the ability to create properties. Use this to add a property to the app structure. This is what makes it available to all functions inside your app. See this page for speciic details.


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