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Calculate Lyapunov spectrum for Lorenz system

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F.O on 30 Aug 2020
Commented: Alan Stevens on 31 Aug 2020
I am trying to use the following code to calculate the spectrum of Lyapunov for a system of 3 ODE but the code gives wrong results. However in the paper the results seems to be reasonable. What is going wrong in the following code:
function lorenz_demo(time)
[t,x] = ode45('g',[0:0.01:time],[1;2;3]);
save x
disp('press any key to continue ...')
function xdot = g(t,x)
xdot = zeros(3,1);
sig = 10.0;
rho = 28.0;
bet = 8.0/3.0;
xdot(1) = sig*(x(2)-x(1));
xdot(2) = rho*x(1)-x(2)-x(1)*x(3);
xdot(3) = x(1)*x(2)-bet*x(3);
function lorenz_spectra(T,dt)
% Usage: lorenz_spectra(T,dt)
% T is the total time and dt is the time step
% parameters defining canonical Lorenz attractor
%T=100; dt=0.01; %time step
N=T/dt; %number of time intervals
% calculate orbit at regular time steps on [0,T]
% using matlab's built-in ode45 runke kutta integration routine
% begin with initial conditions (1,2,3)
x1=1; x2=2; x3=3;
% integrate forwards 10 units
[t,x] = ode45('g',[0:1:10],[x1;x2;x3]);
% begin at this point, hopefully near attractor!
x1=x(n,1); x2=x(n,2); x3=x(n,3);
[t,x] = ode45('g',[0:dt:T],[x1;x2;x3]);
% show trajectory being analyzed
JN = eye(3);
w = eye(3)
J = eye(3);
for k=1:N
% calculate next point on trajectory
x1 = x(k,1);
x2 = x(k,2);
x3 = x(k,3);
% calculate value of flow matrix at orbital point
% remember it is I+Df(v0)*dt not Df(v0)
J = (eye(3)+[-sig,sig,0;-x3+rho,-1,-x1;x2,x1,-bet]*dt);
% calculate image of unit ball under J
% remember, w is orthonormal ...
w = orth(J*w);
% calculate stretching
% should be e1=e1+log(norm(w(:,1)))/dt; but scale after summing
% e1=e1+norm(w(:,1))-1;
% e2=e2+norm(w(:,2))-1;
% e3=e3+norm(w(:,3))-1;
% renormalize into orthogonal vectors
w(:,1) = w(:,1)/norm(w(:,1));
w(:,2) = w(:,2)/norm(w(:,2));
w(:,3) = w(:,3)/norm(w(:,3));
% exponent is given as average e1/(N*dt)=e1/T
e1=e1/T; % Lyapunov exponents
l1=exp(e1); % Lyapunov numbers
What I get is the following:
>> lorenz_spectra(1000,0.001)
w =
1 0 0
0 1 0
0 0 1
ans =
1.0e-14 *
-0.1992 -0.2569 -0.3375
ans =
1.0000 1.0000 1.0000
trace =
The results are not reasonable and not the same s in the paper. Could anyone help out with dicovering the source of the this?


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Answers (1)

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 31 Aug 2020
It seems to be the
w = orth(J*w);
command that creates the problem! if you replace it with
w = J*w;
you get more reasonable looking values. Hwever, they don't match those in the paper, and are almost certainly still not correct!


F.O on 31 Aug 2020
In doing so all the values became the same and this is not possibe. They should be approximatly (0.9, 0, -14) which are the refenece value in many papers.
Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 31 Aug 2020
I got answers that weren't all the same (though they were similar), and I noted that they were probably not correct (I used T = 10 and dt = 0.001). Unfortunately I couldn't see any other way of getting away from e1, e2 and e3 being of the order of 10^-14 or so.

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