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Extract data from a .mat file entred by the user

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Khalala Mamouri
Khalala Mamouri on 2 Sep 2020
Edited: Stephen on 5 Sep 2020
Hello team !
So i am making an app, where the user can load a .mat file of diffrent driving profiles. This means that the user file name can be anything. so we can not specify the name of the file to be loaded and use just
So the idea is, to use fileName to get the name what ever is the name of the .mat file, and then load it. here is my code
fileName = uigetfile('*.mat'); % Open window to select .mat file and get the name of the file
load(fileName) % Load the file
Speed = fileName.Data; % << The problem is here, dot call can not be used since "fileName" is char, so i cant import de the data
% Extract Data from the file
for i= 1 : length(speed)
s(1,i) = i-1; % time (s)
s(2,i) = speed(i); % Extract speed
As we can see, i am not sure how to extract the data from the file, one idea is to do this :
temp = load(fileName)
speed (1,:) = temp.fileName.Data % Matlab Throws an error since he considers fileName is path to get data

Answers (1)

Stephen on 2 Sep 2020
Edited: Stephen on 2 Sep 2020
" idea is to do this "
You just need to use dynamic fieldnames:
S = load(...);
You can get the fieldnames contained in the structure using fieldnames:
Note that your examples (in your question and various comments) do not reflect the content of the mat file, which contains three scalar structures, none of which have a Data field (all three have the same two fields: MCOS and timeseries).
Stephen on 4 Sep 2020
Or, again assuming only one variable per file:
C = struct2cell(load(filename));
speed = C{1}.Data;

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