Question about writing a function.

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Hello, I am trying to write my first function. i have couple of calculations in it and then plot.
my input variable is x, x will be a data set it will be a column.
how can I put name of x on plot labels. in this case for example Bmi
xlabel('frequency of'+ x)
%it is not correct what is the correct syntax? i want it to be name ofthe column in my data set
I also want to add properties for my function. for example In mean function we can write mean(x,'all')
myfunction(x,'do only this')
as my last question i googled i couldnt find an answer that i understand. in matlab app creating, how can you import your data set in workspace into appdesigner

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 21 Sep 2020
Edited: the cyclist on 21 Sep 2020
In the future, you might want to separate two such different questions as two different posts here.
For your first question, why not just write
xlabel('frequency of x')
For your second question, you could do something like this:
function [] = answerTest(x,doit)
if exist('doit','var')
if strcmp(doit,'do only this')
disp('I''m going to do only this')
disp('do something else')
disp('did you forget to tell me what to do?')
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Ongun Palaoglu
Ongun Palaoglu on 22 Sep 2020
Thank you very much for your answer. Next time i will open one topic to one question, ty for your feedback.

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