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Radar and Vision detection generators

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Tamim Boubou
Tamim Boubou on 27 Sep 2020
I've created my own scenarion in automated driving toolbox, in which the lead vehicle is moving with a low speed ahead of the ego vehicle on a straight road, such that it's always in the range of the radar and camera that are installed on the ego vehicle, (and when I try it in the scenario it shows that it's being detected all the time).
The problem that I'm taking the output of each of these two blocks int a matlab function just to see the distance between the two vehicles(for now), but the problem is that it's not being detected at all, Always showing NumDetecctions = 0, just in case, my function looks like this, the parameters of the radar and camera in the blocks are the same as in the scenario builder. I'm using a fixed stepSize of 0.001 with ode3 solver, MatLab 2020a
function radarDetecios = fcn(detections)
disp('Num detections radar output:')
disp('Valid time radar output:')
disp('Detections radar output:')
radarDetecios = detections.Detections(1).Measurement;
Is there anything wrong with my configuration?, to me it looks almost the same as the ACCWithSensorFusionExample

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