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Yusuf Selim KARATAS
Yusuf Selim KARATAS on 1 Oct 2020
Hello everyone,
I am trying to use Profiler function for SIL of one of the models that I have. I was checking number of call and I have added a dummy block to be sure whether I am doing right thing.
You can see the dummy model that I have. YUSUF_DENEME_100 subsystem operates only mod (5) of simulation time is equal 1; while YUSUF_DENEME_2000 subsytem operates only mod(2000) of simulation time is equal to 1.
That means YUSUF_DENEME_100 should have been called 400 times of YUSUF_DENEME_2000. Also you can see that output of YUSUF_DENEME_2000 is just 39 (which means it has operated 39 times) while YUSUF_DENEME_100 output is (15671 = 400*39,1775).
But when I look for Profiler output I see that both of them are called 16 times. How can that happen? Why there is 16 written instead of 39 and 15671.
I have a SIL model and Simulink model in one slx. They have both systems. I want to run Profiler for SIL but it runs always on Simulink model. How can I run profiler for SIL/PIL ?
Any help will be appreciated.

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