How to extract audio from mp4 video file with Matlab?

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I have a video file and I want to extract the video and audio into separate objects for writing to disk separately. I know how to deal with the video, but the audio is not so simple, it seems. This does not work, so is there another approach to solving this problem?
>> [input_file, Fs] = audioread('Home_Made_Video.mp4','native');
Error using audioread (line 88)
The file type is not supported
Any hints would be appreciated.

Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Nov 2020
David Winthrop
David Winthrop on 29 Nov 2020
I did try to call audioread without native before adding that option.
I am on linux if it makes any difference.
>> VideoFreader=vision.VideoFileReader('Home_Made_Video.mp4');
Error using vision.VideoFileReader
Invalid input file.
David Winthrop
David Winthrop on 5 Dec 2020
Edited: David Winthrop on 5 Dec 2020
In case anyone else can't get this to work on MATLAM Linux, here's the fix:
Ditch MATLAB and install ffmpeg.

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