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Edge Detection on figure with changed axes

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Garrett Higgins
Garrett Higgins on 4 Dec 2020
Hi all,
I am performing edge detection on a mp4 file and displaying two figures.
One is displaying the original mp4 file with axes x = [0 720] | y = [0 720]; the other is displaying a specific portion of the original axes; lets say x=[300 400] | y = [350 450].
Right now, edge detection is being performed on the large frames and I am essentially zooming in to display what I want.
For the sake of computation power, I want to only perform edge detection only on the figure with the scaled axes instead of the larger mp4 file.
I am familiar with defining multiple figures, their titles, positions, etc. But I am unfamiliar with using imshow() on a specific figure. Can anyone tell me how to perform edge detection of a figure with scaled axes and display said figure?
Please let me know!
Also, if anyone has suggestions or input, I would appreciate them!

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