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How to select a value from a footer of a text file

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please I have a text fie (of Radiosonde data) -- attached , it contains a header then a number of coulmns of data then some information about the measurements at the end of the file
I want to select a line at the end of the file starting with the (Precipitable water [mm]) then select the value attached to the line.
I tried to use textscan, but useless, I had error message when I specified all the line of data in the Header part of the command.
any advice/help please.

Accepted Answer

Kojiro Saito
Kojiro Saito on 8 Dec 2020
You can extract the data by extractBetween. Here is a snippet.
str = fileread('cor_2017_1_1_00.txt');
extractedStr = extractBetween(str, 'Precipitable water [mm] for entire sounding: ', '</PRE>');
data = str2double(extractedStr{:});
You will get the value 1.62 in data variable.

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