Coefficients in simple equations, y not represented all the time

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I have the equations x=0, and z=50000. Written as a=x==0, and b=z==50000. Potentially in other examples maybe all variables (x,y,z) are represented in the equations, I would like matlab to tell me the coefficients of x,y and z in both equations. For example the x=0 equation would tell me I have 1 x, 0y, 0z as the coefficents. Another exmaple is the other equation would tell me I have 0x,0y and 1 z.
dpb on 12 Jan 2021
Edited: dpb on 13 Jan 2021
More info on what you're doing and how to use this probably would lead to some other feedback, but if you have the Statistics or CurveFitting TB there are options to use a fitobject or linearmodel object that contains information on coefficients, variables, etc., ...
Other than that, a mechanism such as holding the coefficients vector where the terms are related positionally is about the best one can do in ordinary procedural code; one could write a special class of one's own to deal with somewhat similarly as do the two objects above without all the bells and whistles.
Or, there is the Symbolic TB to treat that way...I've never used/had it so not all that familiar.

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