Make transparent overlay heat map of same dimensions to tiff?

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Theodore Fisher
Theodore Fisher on 19 Feb 2021
When i overlay the image and heatmap they are different dimensions and the heatmap is solid when i need it to be transparent below a certain threshold. Any ideas?
overSMA = imread('binaryp60SMA .tif')
hold on
A = pcolor(finalM60);
shading interp;
set(gca, 'clim', [0 0.08]);
colormap([0 0 0; jet]);
shading interp;
axis equal
colormap parula

Answers (1)

Keerthana Chiruvolu
Keerthana Chiruvolu on 22 Feb 2021
Use the imshowpair() function to overlay the images.
For more information, please refer the link.


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