how to load a .mat file in GUI( without guide)?

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I'm writing a GUI without guide or app designer recently.
The question I have is that I don't know how to pass data between different callback functions.
My requirement is load a .mat file in the callback function of one button, and data in this .mat file can be used in other functions.
function btnRtSet_ButtonPushed(hObject,eventdata,handles)
This function is the callback of a button, and InitNet is a .m file.
Data in Net.mat are as follows,
Link struct
Conn struct
And functions in InitNet are very basic and simple.
Here are warnings after running,
Error using load
Attempt to add "Conn" to a static workspace.
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Rik on 16 Mar 2021
This is a public forum. If you want people to be able to contact you, you can enable this in your community profile. By asking for responses via email you are effectively asking people to help you, without any possibility of others benefitting from the help as well.

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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 16 Mar 2021
function btnRtSet_ButtonPushed(hObject,eventdata,handles)
datastruct = load('Net.mat');
Link = datastruct.Link;
Conn = datastruct.Conn;
end %btnRtSet_Callback

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