Simulink slow on AMD Ryzen 7

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Yavor Dobrev
Yavor Dobrev on 26 Mar 2021
Answered: Peisong Lou on 27 May 2022
I have a new Lenovo T14s with a Ryzen 7 PRO 4750U and I am comparing Simulink performance to an old Lenovo T440p with an Intel i7-4710MQ. The same simulation is about 30% slower on the Ryzen. I have tried this with Matlab R2020b and R2021a. OS is Linux (Ubuntu).
When I run the bench-tool I get about 45 points on the Ryzen and about 15 on the i7. All numbers are way better on the Ryzen, so I am very confused why Simulink performs worse.
Does anyone has any suggestions how I can debug this?

Answers (2)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 4 Jun 2021
My suggestions:
  1. Check the compiler you are using on each machine, and make sure it is the same.
  2. Use the Solver Profiler to see if the same results are being calculated (check number of steps, step size, etc.)
  3. Run your comparison on a shipping example, such as sm_backhoe or sf_car

Peisong Lou
Peisong Lou on 27 May 2022
I have same issue on Win10, so i guess this is not cause the configuration or some other reason on using Matlab, this is cause Ryzen 7 performance bad for running Matlab, not only Simulink.


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