How do I split and assign a matrix sized 1880,2 into N smaller matrices (or a struct holding the matrices) where N matrices have 5 elements of dim1,dim2, the next five and so on (incremental looping)?

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Sindhuraj Mukherjee
Sindhuraj Mukherjee on 2 Apr 2021
Answered: KALYAN ACHARJYA on 2 Apr 2021
split 'temp' into 376 equal sized matrices temp_n(5,2), where N = 1,2,3.....376
temp_1 = (1:5,1:5);
temp_2 = (6:10,6:10);
temp_3 = (11:15,11:15);
temp_N = (end-5:end,end-5:end);
Is there a dynamic way to name the matrices of type 'temp_n'? Using sprintf?
Is there a loop or vectorised way to do this?

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