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Simulink subtraction of consecutive rows from a matrix

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Gazi Taspinar
Gazi Taspinar on 7 Apr 2021
Answered: Michael Savitz on 6 Aug 2021
Hello everybody,
I have a problem with substracting of consecutive rows from a matrix. I have a matrix R whose dimension is Nx3 where N is inputted by user. For example;
If N=2;
I have 2x3 matrix. My intention is to find R(2,3)-R(1,3).
I tried to use vector index inside a for loop but I got error about dimensions. I get following error.
My simulink model is as follows:
Could anyone help me please?

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Michael Savitz
Michael Savitz on 6 Aug 2021
Hi Gazi,
It appears that your model is using the Index Vector block to select rows of the matrix R. The Index Vector block does not support matrix inputs. See
Instead, you may want to use the Selector block. See
Hope this helps,

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