how to convert sawtooth signal to a ramp signal

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I'm calculating the angle of a complex number and it is coming out as sawtooth wave of 0 to 2pi limit. I want to convert it to a continiously increasing angle. I mean i dont want the angle to go back to 0 after every period. The angle should go on forever from 0 to 2pi 3pi 4pi and so on. I'm attaching a snap to make my question clear. The blue graph is what i get and i want it to convert it to yellow graph, Also i'm using fixed descrete step discret simulink model. Thanks

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DGM on 10 Apr 2021
I imagine what you want is unwrap:
t = linspace(0,3*2*pi,1000);
raw = atan2(sin(t),cos(t));
unwrapped = unwrap(raw);
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Shah Rukh Sohail Janjua
Shah Rukh Sohail Janjua on 10 Apr 2021
Edited: Shah Rukh Sohail Janjua on 10 Apr 2021
Thanks alot for the hint. I found an unwrap block in simulink to solve my problem.

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