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The Data Acquisition Toolbox function "analogoutput" detects the wrong version of the Measurement Computing software "Instacal"

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Dan on 1 Jul 2013
I installed the latest version (6.26) and rebooted my computer. When executing the following command:
Matlab whines:
Warning: Warning: Measurement Computing InstaCal version 5.85 or later is required, version 5.26 was detected. Some analog output signals will be incorrect with this device. We strongly recommend an update to InstaCal version 5.85 or later.
Is there any way to tell Matlab that I have a version it is needing?
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Dan on 1 Jul 2013
Versions: (R2012a)
ToolboxName: 'Data Acquisition Toolbox'
ToolboxVersion: '3.1 (R2012a)'
MATLABVersion: '7.14 (R2012a)'
InstalledAdaptors: {3x1 cell}

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Answers (2)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Jul 2013
I'm not sure what you want to do but you can talk to the MCC device without using the Data Acquisition Toolbox. I do. You might get a little help from Measurement Computing but in my opinion, it's limited since they're not MATLAB users. I've gotten help from the Mathworks tech support. They're very tenacious and even offered to take my device to continue debugging if it came to that.
Did you actually run instacal? It's not enough to just install it and expect it to work - you actually have to run the program so it can initialize your device.

Wael Hemdan
Wael Hemdan on 10 Jul 2013
I have seen this problem once, it was an incomplete install of InstaCal. You might want to un-install then re-install the InstaCal drivers. Start up InstaCal and make sure your MCC device is properly detected. Then re-start MATLAB.
If this does not fix it, please contact tech support so we can further invetigate what's going on.
Wael Hemdan

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