Visualisation of Simulink and Simscape Model Workflows

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PB75 on 22 Apr 2021
Commented: PB75 on 3 May 2021
Hi All,
I would like to add a visualisation to my Simulink-Simscape model during simulations, to aid debugging and for my upcoming VIVA.
My Simscape model is a type of twin mass coupled oscillator, additionally I have designed a surface model of the machine including the two masses, in my CAD package (Rhino 3D Nurbs) and can export the file as a generic step file and other formats.
My question is: what are the workflow options to add this visualisation to my model during simulation? My thoughts are using SimMechanics to import my CAD model in the appropriate file format and link the two masses from the CAD model to my Simscape model outputs (x1 and x2 position of both masses).
Any suggestions would be great, or point to the relevant help documents.
Thanks in advance.

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