How can I divide arrays into two as higher and lower?

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studentmatlaber on 25 Apr 2021
Commented: DGM on 25 Apr 2021
I have two TV arrays. T array consists of 10 rows and 1 column. The Y array consists of 10 rows and 5 columns. I want it to compare the 1st row of the T array with all the links of the 1st row of Y array. Let the values of Y sequence assign to line 1 of another array with greater than T, and write to the smaller one on line 1 of another array. But I want these done for 24 lines as well. For this, I tried a code like this but I did not get the right result. I would be very happy if you could help.
Y=[83,69,13,50,77 ; 41,15,33,5,67; ...]
signal=[83,69,50,77 ; 41,33,67 ; ...]
noise=[13 ; 15,5 ; ...]
for i=1:24
index = find(Y(i,:)> T(i,1), 1, 'first');
noise= Y(1:index);
signal= Y(index+1 : end);

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