Computing the number of variables belonging to each data type

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I'm a real beginner in the programming world and also in MATLAB. I'm trying to calculate how many variables (columns from the table) belong to the data types "cell" and "double". So far, I have managed to find what type of data is each column/variable through the following function:
var_class = varfun(@class,M,'OutputFormat','table')
However, this function just gives me the type of data that each variable contains, but not how many variables/columns there are of each type of data. I have tried to calculate this through a for-loop that computes how many 'double' and 'cell' strings there are in the table, by consistently updating the number in the array "total_dtype". The first element would refer to the # of columns containing 'cell' data types and the second element the # of columns containing 'double' data types. I haven't had any success yet. This is what i've come up with for now:
total_dtype = [0 0]
for col=1:width(var_class)
if var_class{:,1} == 'double'
total_dtype(1,1) = total_dtype(1,1) + 1
total_dtype (1,2) = total_dtype(1,2) + 1
I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance,

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dpb on 5 May 2021
How about

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