My problems are vanished

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Muhtasim Haque Nahian
Muhtasim Haque Nahian on 9 May 2021
Commented: goc3 on 27 May 2021
I created some problems last night and created a group too. All those are now missing.
Also my ranking progress, activites, badges earned last night are missing too.
Rena Berman
Rena Berman on 25 May 2021
(Answers dev) I will forward this on to the appropriate person

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Accepted Answer

Arunika Oyshi
Arunika Oyshi on 25 May 2021
(Cody dev)
We acknowledge the lack of visibility and reasoning on why some of your problems are deleted is frustrating. Maintaining good quality problems in Cody will engage all the players in using Cody to improve their MATLAB programming skills in a fun way. While we are working on building more moderation features and bring visibility into how the content is moderated, Cody Team and few top Cody Players are moderating the content to remove duplicate and trivial problems that are very similar to the existing problems. If any of your problems are not duplicates and are significantly different from existing Cody problems, let us know. We can review them and restore them if they add value to Cody players.
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goc3 on 27 May 2021
Thanks for that answer, Arunika.
To the Cody user(s): given the large number of problems on Cody, there is a good chance that any type of simple problem has already been posted, sometimes multiple times. Before posting a new problem, there are a few points to keep in mind:
  • Do a search to determine if the sort of problem you are considering has already been posted.
  • Solve a bunch of Cody problems to get a feel for what has been posted. There are over 4300 problems at the moment, which means there is a good chance your problem idea may have been covered. If not, feel free to post it.
  • After solving a problem, related problems that you may find interesting are listed. Check them out.
  • Ensure that a problem you post has a sufficient number of test cases to adequately test solutions. In my estimation, three is an absolute minimum—the more, the better.
  • It is highly recommended that you provide a reference solution so that your problem is known to be solvable before being posted.
  • Re-read your problem title and description before posting to make certain that they are clear.

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