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I'm getting this error and I'm unable to figure out this. Please help

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Could not find HDL simulator executable on your system path. Please specify the HDL simulator installation directory

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 May 2021

Rakesh Das
Rakesh Das on 15 May 2021
Have you start the cosimulation server using the hdldaemon function, Before starting of HDL simulator,
You must use a shell for a cross-network simulation, such as if the HDL simulator runs on a different machine from your matlab host. Starting the simulator from matlab allows you to specify the library by name rather than exact path.
Anubhav Prasad
Anubhav Prasad on 15 May 2021
Edited: Anubhav Prasad on 15 May 2021
Yes I did that but still it's the same.
Is it something related to the HDL simulator that is present on the system. I have Xilinx ISE with me
Also I don't want a cross-network simulation. I have to simulate only on my system.
Richard on 15 Jul 2024 at 22:52
I tried this in matlab in order to start the daemon to interact with the Xcelium simulator:
>> hdldaemon('time', 'int64')
HDLDaemon shared memory server is running with 0 connections
>> x=hdldaemon('status')
HDLDaemon shared memory server is running with 0 connections
x =
struct with fields:
comm: 'shared memory'
connections: 0
ipc_id: '/tmp/rtseng/E505F434-F023-42a6-B06D-DEFD08434C67'
Here it shows no connection. How do I establish a connection?

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Bharath Venkataraman
Bharath Venkataraman on 19 May 2021
Please check if you have an HDL simulator that is supported. Here is the list supported by HDL Verifier:
You can also call vsim with the vsimdir argument to specify where the ModelSim executable lives.

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