How to remove a 3d-Surface matrix entries outside of a 2D area/Curve?

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Hello lovely Mathworks members,
( I tried to find similar question but could not find any, so excuse me if there is already existing answer please share the link)
There is a 3D surface matrix which has some entries outside of a curve area and I want to remove the 3D matrix entries outside of a 2D curve. Can someone please help to understand how to remove the outside of curve entries of the 3D matrix. In attachmnet you will find both 2D and 3D matrices.
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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 8 Jun 2021
Edited: KSSV on 9 Jun 2021
You hvae to use inpolygon. Read about it.
load('3D_XYZ_Data.mat') ;
load('2D_RestrictedArea.mat') ;
X = XYZ_Data(:,1) ;
Y = XYZ_Data(:,2) ;
Z = XYZ_Data(:,3) ;
x = Restricted_Area(:,1) ;
y = Restricted_Area(:,2) ;
idx = inpolygon(X,Y,x,y) ; % get points lying inside the restricted points
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