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if statement with ge and &

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Robert Demyanovich
Robert Demyanovich on 13 Jun 2021
Commented: Steven Lord on 13 Jun 2021
I don't understand why the following line is producing an error:
if j ge 2 & cANALY(i+1,j-1) < 0
j is a scalar and cANALY(i+1,j-1) is an element in the array cANALY. So why the error "Too many input arguments".

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Rik on 13 Jun 2021
You should write this instead:
if j >= 2 && cANALY(i+1,j-1) < 0
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 13 Jun 2021
If you wanted to use the function form of the operator >= you would have to call it with the two quantities you wanted to compare inside the parentheses.
5 >= 4 % true
ans = logical
ge(5, 4) % also true
ans = logical
Putting the function between the two inputs won't work. That only works with the operator. Most people just use the operator form, but people writing classes need to know that ge is the function form of the >= operator so they can overload it if necessary.
As for why the double ampersand, read the "More About" section on this documentation page.

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