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How do I use swGOFT function? (Shapiro-Wilk Goodness of fit test)

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Having looked at the documentation for swGOFT there's a lot of odd syntax that I'm not familiar with and have never seen in Matlab before, specifically the heavy use of colons.
I'm on version 2011a. I've checked that I have the Symbolic Math Toolbox so I believe it should work.I tried the examples but these don't seem to work. For example, I copy and pasted the first example:
f := stats::normalRandom(0, 1, Seed = 123):
data := [f() $ i = 1..400]:
??? Undefined function or method 'f' for input
arguments of type 'char'
Can anyone tell me why this doesn't work? Do I have a version that is too old?

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