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how to change line colors in bodes, nichols, nyquist, etc

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Stephen Reiman
Stephen Reiman on 14 Jul 2021
Edited: Stephen Reiman on 15 Jul 2021
I've been trying to change the line colors when plotting 30+ systems and it seems like the routines creating the plots in the title are not using the color order in the gca/axis. When I've accessed the handle through following code it seems like there are still a fixed number of colors available, ~6-7
h.Responses(n).Style.Colors{1} =
When I start adding more lines and setting the colors then all the previous linecolors are also changed, like a circular buffer of some sort is in use. I've just been trying to a jet and it works for 7 or so lines & colors, but does not work for a number like 30+ unique systems

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jul 2021
See attached demo for how to change the default color order.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 14 Jul 2021
Sometimes you can edit the code and change things. Other times, not, as the m-file calls a mex function.
>> edit nicholsplot.m
See if that gets you anywhere.

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Paul on 15 Jul 2021
I tested stepplot and bodeplot and am seeing the same thing as you, i.e., if more than 7 responses, then multiple responses are linked together somehow and share the same color. Don't know why it's set up that way and couldn't find a way to change it, but as far as I can tell it's all undocumented behavior so can't really expect anything.
As a work around, you can use plain old bode() and step() and get the handles to the lines and change colors at will, so it seems to me.
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Stephen Reiman
Stephen Reiman on 15 Jul 2021
After poking around at the m-files as recommended I did settle on a solution.
I ended up implementing a color change per my original post for the 1st system and using the returns from bode, nichols, & nyquist with "line" for additional ones. Memory usage went down substantially.

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