Support for ADRV9364-Z7020 WITH ADRV1CRR-FMC using Communication Toolbox Support Packages for Xilinx Zynq based Radio

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Sumanth Raikar
Sumanth Raikar on 10 Aug 2021
Answered: Jayadhar Alla on 11 Aug 2021
I have started with ADRV9364 SoM (1x1) with ADRV1CRR-FMC and trying to use Communication toolbox for Xilinx Zynq Based Radio. But in GUI Verify Radio Connection Page, It shows "ERROR recieving data from RF card" while the first two tests passed(Ping test) , Read hardware info is failing.
I want to know if the hardware I am using is supported by MATLAB or not?
If not can you suggest me some way around to be able to test my simulink model or matlab code on hardware?
Any help this regard would be great

Answers (1)

Jayadhar Alla
Jayadhar Alla on 11 Aug 2021
We are not supporting ADRV9364 SOM(1x1) base board. Please refer to for hardware requirements for communications toolbox supportpackage for Xilinx Zynq based radio.


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