Reading an analog sensor via Arduino in Simulink Desktop Real Time External (SLDRT)

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as part of a project where I am missing a real measurements card to read a sensor, I am now forced to do the reading of a that sensor for my control loop with some Arduino and stream it into Simulink.
For now I have a Simulink Desktop Real-Time External (SLDRT - External) program for the control of two robots and would now like to add the data from the Arduiono to this program. By know I know that there exists a Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware ( but I also read, that these blocks do not work in external mode ( ), which is why I am opening this topic.
I further found another post explaining on how to bypass the support package by using serial blocks ( but I did not find any information if the serial blocks are available in SLDRT - External.
My main question would be How to read an analog sensor using an Arduino into a Simulink Desktop Real-Time External program? But maybe one of the other questions could help me solve the program also:
  1. Is the official Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware by now available for SLDRT - External?
  2. Are the serial blocks available in SLDRT - External?
  3. How exactly does the serial communication with the Arduino look like? Do I need a program running on the Arduino or just when I use the serial blocks or any other own implementation?
I am very new to this topic, so thank you in advance for any hint.
Kind regards,

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