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Is it possible to avoid division by zero errors in a Simulink model, such that the results from a simulation are stable when using Simulink 7.7 (R2011a) ?

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I am using a simple model in Simulink in which I use a Divide operation on two input values and further plot them. In course of simulation, there might be a ZERO value fed to the denominator of the DIVIDE block, forcing a division by zero warning/error message. This makes the simulation unstable.

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MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Mar 2012
In order to "solve" the divide by zero issue, there is only one good way.It is to make a model which does not feed 0 to a division block.
The workarounds are to:
1. Use a SWITCH block to pass EPS instead of 0 in the forward path to the DIVIDE block will also eliminate a divide by zero case.
2. Use a MATLAB Fcn block to implement
This is demonstrated in the attached model 'example_no_divide_by_zeroFcn'

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Ajith Tom George
Ajith Tom George on 2 Oct 2017
Instead of using a Matlab function block, the "Fcn" block, which is also available in the list of User-defined functions, would be better. Inside it implement the same logic:
Using Fcn block is better because it works without any additional compiler requirement.

Shivaprasad G V
Shivaprasad G V on 6 Mar 2019
this would be helpful to avoid the 0/0 or n/0 situation. this below block prevents the formation of indeterminent form. hope this will be helpful. thank you. zero.PNG


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