Solution 1712919

Submitted on 22 Jan 2019 by William
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Pass
tic N=4;T=6;B=3;S=5; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,3))

2   Pass
N=4;T=3;B=6;S=1; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,4))

3   Pass
N=3;T=4;B=2;S=4; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,2))

4   Pass
N=3;T=3;B=1;S=1; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,3))

5   Pass
N=2;T=1;B=9;S=1; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,2))

6   Pass
N=7;T=5;B=3;S=3; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,6))

7   Pass
N=7;T=5;B=100;S=2; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,7))

8   Pass
N=8;T=3;B=1;S=3; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,8))

9   Pass
N=100;T=50;B=100;S=25; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,75))

10   Pass
N=99;T=100;B=99;S=7; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,99))

11   Pass
N=99;T=100;B=99;S=29; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,99))

12   Pass
N=99;T=100;B=99;S=82; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,99))

13   Pass
N=99;T=45;B=10;S=7; p=supplies(N,T,B,S); assert(isequal(p,97)) toc

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