Problem 912. Genome Sequence 002: Introductory DNA Sequencing (Flipped Segments)

Solution 2555646

Submitted on 14 Jun 2020
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tic L=1040; % Special Selection for W=48 and 16 overlap Gtruth=randi(4,1,L,'uint8')-1; segs=zeros(floor(L/32),48); for i=0:size(segs,1)-1 % Ideal Overlap segment creator segs(i+1,:)=Gtruth(i*32+1:i*32+48); end v=randperm(size(segs,1)); segs(:,:)=segs(v,:); f=logical(randi(2,size(segs,1),1)-1); segs(f,:)=fliplr(segs(f,:)); Gout = Genome_001(segs); toc assert(isequal(Gout,Gtruth)||isequal(Gout,fliplr(Gtruth)))

Error in solution: Line: 18 Column: 1 This statement is not inside any function. (It follows the END that terminates the definition of the function "nearZero".)

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