Byte manipulation and Endian conversion in MATLAB

A demonstration of MATLAB's built-in facilities for unpacking integers into individual bytes (and vi


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MATLAB has several function that allow byte-level manipulation of numeric data types (such as DOUBLE, INT32, or UINT16). These can be used to easily convert a multibyte integer into individual bytes or vice versa, check the endian-ness of a system, or convert between big and little-endian formats.
This submission consists of an m-file (ByteConversion.m) and its published HTML version (ByteConversion.html). These files demonstrate the different byte-manipulation abilities.

Table of Contents

* Creating an integer variable
* Destructive casting - I
* Destructive casting - II
* Non-destructive casting
* Converting an integer to a sequence of bytes
* Converting a floating-point value to a sequence of bytes
* Converting a sequence of bytes to an integer
* Checking the Endianness of the system
* Little-endian and Big-endian conversions
* Help on functions

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Gautam Vallabha (2023). Byte manipulation and Endian conversion in MATLAB (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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