image resampling

This is a simple function that resamples the image at a different pixel size


Updated Mon, 06 Sep 2010 22:24:15 +0000

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function nimg = imresample(oldpixsize,img,newpixsize,intmethod)

% This function resamples the images at the new grid points
% defined by the new pixel sizes. It assumes that intensities are
% defined at pixel centers
% img : original image to be resampled
% nimg : newly sampled image
% oldpixsize : a vector of the form [xpixsize, ypixsize]
% for the original image, e.g., [0.5,0.5]
% newpixsize : is a vector of the form [xpixsize, ypixsize]
% for the new image, e.g., [0.2,0.2]
% intmethod: same as interp2
% 'nearest' - nearest neighbor
% 'linear' - bilinear
% 'cubic' - bicubic
% 'spline' - spline

% Example:
% % Create a 2D gaussian function
% H = fspecial('gaussian',[31,31],5);
% % Resample it at a smaller pixel size
% NH = imresample([1,1],H,[0.2,0.2],'spline');
% figure;subplot(211);imshow(H,[]);title('Original');
% subplot(212);imshow(NH,[]);
% title('Resampled using spline interplolation');

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Omer Demirkaya (2023). image resampling (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Version Published Release Notes

It is modified so it can resample multispectral (e.g., color) images.

It is just reuploading nothing new.

I just added an example image. The image is kindly provided by William Samson and a nice example to show resampling.