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Integrates systems of differential equations until stability is reached (or time is over)


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with TSPAN = [T0 TFINAL], integrates the system of differential equations stored in file ODEFILE until stability is reached or until the time specified in TFINAL, whatever happens first. Stability is specified as a maximum coefficient of variation MAXCV for all components of the solution. The first argument (odesolver) must be a function handle for one of the MATLAB ODE solvers, i.e. @ode45. Y0 is a vector with the initial conditions.

The function integrates the system in 'chunks' of time specified in TCHUNK, which should be sufficiently smaller than TFINAL-T0. After each integration run, the two conditions are chequed. If the coefficient of variation of all the components of the solution is smaller than MAXCV OR we have reached TFINAL, the integration stops.

First create a file called odelogist.m as:
% ----------------------------------
function dn= odelogist(t,x)
dn= zeros(1,1);
dn(1)= (0.01*(1-(x(1)/10)))*x(1);
% ----------------------------------

odefile= 'odelogist';
tspan= 1:10000;
Y0= 0.01;
tchunk= 100;
maxcv= 10^-3;
[t,x]= ode2stab(@ode45,odefile,tspan,Y0,tchunk,maxcv);

Integration stops at time 1101, instead of 10000.

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