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Create Google Calendar event with SMS and Email notification

version (32.1 KB) by Ofir Perry Bibi
A simple tool to create an event with notifications in a Google Calander.


Updated 14 Feb 2011

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This tool allows anyone with a google (gmail) account to create a calendar event with notifications from a .m file script.

This event can contain any information you require and can automatically send you an Email and SMS to notify the event creation.

This tool can be used to create checkpoints in a script with long running times, report the end of the run of a long script , etc.
Using this tool you can insert any Title for the event and textual content including even results from your script.

All you need to make it work is a google username and password.

This is not a tool to send emails like send_email tool for gmail but rather a more sophisticated notifier that can also send a free SMS and create the event that stays in your calendar for you to process later on.

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Ofir Perry Bibi (2020). Create Google Calendar event with SMS and Email notification (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (23)

Tobia Dambruoso

Not working anymore, I think google login is changed

Selva Karna

Code and script Error

Artik Crazy



I'm using Ubuntu 10.04.

The program did not work immediately after downloaded. It gave three error messages about authentication and num2str function.
Then, I followed the instruction about updating "classpath.txt" file, restarted MATLAB. And, finally, both SMS and email works (Ans=0).

Thank you Ofir for such a good program.

May the force be with you :)

Ofir Perry Bibi

mudchi - it wouldn't return 0 (in the new version) and not create the event. If you're having trouble, contact me (not via comment) after you checked yourself.

mudchi potato

0 = success
Why it isn't create event in google calendar my account.

Ofir Perry Bibi

The return value is now an int
0 = success
negative = error

mudchi potato

why call function gcaleventor and return Ans = 0 ???

Ofir Perry Bibi

There is a new update to the file with an explanation on the problems some people had and some new features.
please take a look and give your comments.


Nice one! Thank you!!

mudchi potato


Ofir Perry Bibi

Due to some API changes, the component does not currently work. I will fix this as soon as my exams are over and add some features and an instruction video...

mudchi potato

ans = 1 But it isn't create event in google calendar .

mudchi potato

mudchi potato

I want to youtube clip video to use for this. I can't to use it.


Excellent code. Works with R2009a. Please add "start time" and "end time" functionality to make the code even more general and multipurpose. I am using this, not only for the email and sms feature, but also to make a *timeline* of my process (like a "diary" of my process).

Ofir Perry Bibi

Oren - the script works for many people, if you can't get it to work ask for help, don't rate it low.
Ahmet - I saw your message and I think there should be no reason for this not to work in linux. Try recompiling the java to a class file on your linux machine and see if that helps.

Cheers everybody.


I wonder whether it works in Linux?

Oren Schaedel

I cant get this script to work, all I get is a false result. Furthermore, I can't control the calender that it inserts not the time that it inserts it in. Is there a way to do this?

Oren Schaedel


The script is what I was looking for in my long-running processes. Thanks.

Regarding the updating, I think this is not in the scope of the programme since it aims to set fixed checkpoints. At least, this is what I believe.


Does anybody faced the problem when this function actually works but can't update the calendar? (status = 0).

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