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When wavelet meet HMM

version (22.7 KB) by Su Dongcai
1D signal denoising and classification using WHMT


Updated 30 Nov 2009

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This script is an implementation of Reference [1], including 2 parts:
1. 1D signal denoising (page 9~11)
2. 1D random process(RP) classification (page 12)
[1] Wavelet-Based Statistical Signal Processing Using Hidden Markov Models:
MS Crouse, RD Nowak, RG Baraniuk - IEEE transactions on signal processing, 1998 -
Available at:
The author wish to thank Prof. Justin Romberg for his 'hmt1d' toolbox and
his kindly help of how to use it.

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Su Dongcai (2021). When wavelet meet HMM (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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marine2007 lee

To create a folder named "whmm ", otherwise the following error message appears:
Error using save
Cannot create 'noisyDoppler.mat' because '.\whmm' does not exist.

Error in trainWHMM_1d (line 18)
save('.\whmm\noisyDoppler.mat', 'ES', 'POS', 'MU_VAL', 'SI');

Error in test_WHMM (line 21)
trainWHMM_1d(xn, 0);

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Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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