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Solve the puzzle via djstra shortest path algorithm

version (24.1 KB) by Su Dongcai
an interesting application of djstra algorithm


Updated 20 Jan 2012

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This file apply djstra algorithm(only consider the positive edge weight case) to solve the
puzzle and visualize the result.
Please run the following commands to duplicate the screen shot(have fun :):

mex vcDjstra.cpp;%compile the cpp file
im = imread('puzzle.png'); im = rgb2gray(im);
[pc, path] = shortestPath(im, [57, 94], [471, 496]);
The puzzle.png is from steven's blog:
The core file that implement djstra algorithm is 'cShortestPath.h', the compiler I used in
msvc++ 6.0

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Su Dongcai (2020). Solve the puzzle via djstra shortest path algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Fix a bug on line59 'cShortestPath.h', where I erroneously written operator '%' instead of '/', this bug result in the incorrect path cost 'pc'

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