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Applications of MATLAB: Numerical Solutions

version (27.3 KB) by Yasin Shiboul
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Updated 18 Aug 2003

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This is a collection of M-files used in the book "Applications of MATLAB: Numerical Solutions", ISBN 9957-32-040-8. by Yasin A. Al Shiboul . This collection comprises:

- Examples that illustrate the text;
- Programs developed within the text;
- Solutions to selected exercises,
appearing at the end of the chapters.
- Example of a complete program
that is used to analyze the Uniform
Pulse Width Modulation of an ac

These files are of three types, defined as follows:
- EXnnn : this type of files are
examples illustrating some subjects
discussed in the text. The first
number indicates the number of the
chapter to which the example is
related , the other two numbers
indicate the sequence order of the

- DEFnnn: this type of files include
definitions of some functions used
to solve some questions at the end
of the book chapters.

- Qnnn: This type of files include
answers to some problems mentioned
at the end of the chapters.The
first number indicates the number of
the chapter to which the problem is
related , the other two numbers
indicate the number of the problem
to which the answer is related.

Example:EX105 indicates example 5 of
chapter 1; Q 611 indicates
answer to question 11 of
chapter 6,...etc.

During reading the text, the files that can be run are mentioned assuming that MATLAB is already installed.

These M-files are written in MATLAB 6.5 by Yasin A. Al Shiboul and are redistributed on an 'as is' basis. You are free to use or modify any of these files, provided that you acknowledge their source in any publication and do not sell the modified files.

Although every effort has been made to avoid errors in these scripts and
functions, the author cannot guarantee this and cannot be responsible for any
loss incurred in using them.

The author would welcome any questions or comments regarding the book and this toolbox; his address is:

Yasin A. Al Shiboul
P.O. Box: 540923 Amman 11937 Jordan

When writing, please indicate your E-mail address.

Publisher: Dar-Alhamed For Publishing
& Distribution.
Amman - Jordan
Phone: 962 6 5231081
Fax: 962 6 5235594
P.O.Box: 366 Amman 11941 Jordan

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Good job doctor .. go ahead


thank you a lot doctor
Beautiful work from a beautiful world

Mohammed al-absi

Thanks you my doctor for this book ,there achieving useful understand with your lecture


Thank You Mr. Yasin and go on
weth best regard

saleh al masaikh

abdo eshtewy

I am very poor

ammar ali

matlab arabic


Burhan Sabbah Alhilu

Dear Auther,
please accept my admiration of your superb publication and software, it surely have added a precious value to our arab library as special. I am really proud to be one of your students, and be graduated with your touches on my mathematical capabilities.
Our Almighty GOD Bless to be a torch of mathematical science in the world.
Warm Wishes & Regards,

khaled alnahhas

i am your astudent of you in Faculty of Engineering Technology and I am agreat admirer of your acheivements,thank you for this great research.

nabil hamod

mohammad khaled

thank you for this ...

hamza salim

thomas jung

Hakam Hamarneh

be ahead ... to achieve!

walid sadoun

Jin Lee

Excellent programs for practice

nara simha

it is very nice

Mohammad Nayef


Ali Habbabeh

In fact, If People want to rate a job, they have to be able to do such a job or better...!
since I cant do even the same, i cant rate less than 5

Amr Qudah

X-Force Hackersland

suleiman abodi

I have just install the program to use these programs to teach the basics of MATLAB and it was an excellent program . go ahead .

belal mahmoud

Mohan Gilbert

I have used these programs to teach the basics of MATLAB. It was excellent. Go ahead.

sarah abd

K Bounouh

ahmed ali

thanks for you great job..

Jhon Smith

good job.. Go ahead

noor ahmed

thanks sear for these great progs.

meerwa al-f


meerwa al-f


Mohammad Hushki

thankx 4 doctor y.shboul..

lama abu al-homos

salem omar

Hamzeh AbuAlRob

thanx Dr 4 this gr8 work. with my best wishes

Baher Shokirat

Thanks sear for your JOB.. This is really good.. and it helped.. Baher

ali muammar

sohaib harb

Mbulu Tutwa

Thanks for your excellent job. I found these attached programs exellent to learn much.

Rakan Musharbash

Thank you Dr. and iam very lucky to be one of your students

Fadwa Momani

thank you Dr
and its nice to be your student

Hamzeh Bani Mustafa

Thank You Sir, And Go on

Khalid Mash

It's good for begining students

Hassan Abusini

thank you

amin ubeid


Aiman Amr

Ala' Tuffaha

Zaid Khader

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