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Transient Heat Conduction

version (112 KB) by Ye Cheng
This MATLAB App provides a GUI to study transient and steady-state heat conductions.


Updated 12 Sep 2016

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This is the 4th MATLAB App in the Virtual Thermal/Fluid Lab series.
This MATLAB App allows you to:
1. Visualize the change of temperature distribution in a transient heat conduction problem
2. Test the effects of initial and boundary conditions and thermal diffusivity on temperature distribution
3. Understand numerical stability and effect of convergence criterion
4. Learn to use the MuPAD® Notebook to compute analytical solution of the steady-state conduction problem
5. Look at the GUI source code and see how it is created
Check out the webinar on virtual fluid mechanics and heat transfer labs with MATLAB:

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Hello, for people who cannot install the app or modify the design, here is my tutorial about it:

Hi, how would I change the mediums used for alpha (thermal diffusivity). I'm in the file transientConductionGUI.m and I've inputed a new case, but it does not update the actual GUI...

could someone help me to install the app please

Odom Seng

Leroy Quek

I require a password to unzip the file, does anyone have it?


I do have a problem in opening Zip file

Sai Gudlur

Hello Mr.Cheng,
I can't download this file. Please could you help.



Cannot unzip!

jun wang

I cant download the APP file, any solution? Thank you,Mrs Cheng

Some problem with ZIP file

Yilong Hu

I cant extract the zip file, any solution? Thanks

Problem solved.

Cannot extract the zip file.
Error message: Error (1): Operation not permitted.
How can I extract the zip file successfully?

nasro ra

moh ham



new zipped file, no functional change

Updated license

Updated link to webinar


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