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Circular Cross Correlation using FFT

version (1.69 KB) by Johannes Schmitz
Calculate the circular and non-circular cross correlation using the FFT method.


Updated 17 Oct 2013

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Rough idea:
Get the crosscorrelation of two vectors a and b by:

e = fft(c);
f = fft(d);

g = e.*conj(f);

h = ifft(g);

See code for complete version and details like zeropadding.

Comments and Ratings (3)

Lukas Post

Why dont you pad the first array after the data?


Hi, I have a signal of frequency 1 and 3 Hz. And another signal of 1 and 5 Hz. Can I eliminate common frequency(1 Hz) from each signal by using circular cross correlation?

Fan D.Chen

This program is perfect, I have to say, thank you

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