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soil_classification​(sand, clay, T,varargin)

version (6.21 KB) by Holger Hoffmann
Soil Classification (USDA) according to texture


Updated 06 Mar 2016

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Enter Sand and Clay Content/fractions and get
- the soil classification. So far only USDA soil classification implemented.
- soil classification triangle
Please note that the figure created is still under testing.

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Holger Hoffmann (2020). soil_classification(sand, clay, T,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Can I use the code in Matlab?

The code here is really neat and concise, however one thing I would reccomend is editing the graph such that the triangle is equilateral as a true soil-texture triangle would be. Additionally, putting in grid lines and labels would be helpful for those that would want to see the percentages of each material (silt, sand, clay).


Sandy Loam refined

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