Scale and combine multiple loads from ABAQUS

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Combines multiple field outputs (RPT files) from the ABAQUS/CAE visualisation module


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The scale and combine is used in fatigue analysis where the finite element
model is solved for one or more stress states (channels) and extruded
into a scaled time history of stresses by scaling each channel with a
loading definition, and combining each scaled channel into a single tensor.

The loading definition is a series of numeric scale factors which
represent a fatigue cycle of the FE model. Since finite element
analysis is often time-intensive, loading scales allow for the model to
be solved for one state and extruded in a fatigue time history.
In order to generate a valid scale and combine, the loading must be
proportional so that the stresses from each channel can be superimposed
without incurring a phase difference. Hence SCALECOMBINE should only be
used in conjunction with elastic FEA where the stress-strain
relationship is linear.

SCALECOMBINE requires getRPT.m in order to interpret the RPT file(s).Also, make sure all channel and loading files are in your working directory.

getRPT.m can be found here:

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Inspired: Detect surface group from Abaqus RPT File

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