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plot_bar3_colorheig​hts( x, y, Z )

version (434 Bytes) by Johannes Schmitz
3D Barplot with height of the bars coded into the color

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Updated 10 Jul 2015

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3D Barplot with height of the bars coded into the color. Might be used as a 2D Histogram.
- x and y are the centers of the bins
- Z is a matrix containing the heights of the bins

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Johannes Schmitz (2020). plot_bar3_colorheights( x, y, Z ) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Sadaqat Ali

That is nice work for 2 dimensional matrix but it fails to plot dimension > 2.


junmin wang

thank your for adding the example

You use it for example like this:

plot_bar3_colorheights([1 2],[1 2], [1 2; 1 3])

then you get a 2x2 plot.
You have to provide the x component for the centers of the bins and the y component. In this case you have a bins around [1,1] [1,2] [2,1] and [2,2] and the matrix with the heights is in this case obviously a 2x2 matrix.
Is that clear enough?


I couldn't get it to work so i can't really rate. There is no real help provided nor dimensions of inputs. At least one example would be nice...let's say the one that was used to generate the Figure.

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