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MMRT Function (Macromolecular Rate Theory)

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This function is used to calculate the temperature response of reaction rate using MMRT


Updated 24 May 2017

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Macromolecular Rate Theory describes the temperature response of enzyme-catalysed reactions based on the thermodynamic theory
1.Arcus et al., On the temperature dependence of enzyme-catalyzed rates, Biochemistry, 2016,55(12),1681-88.
2.Schipper et al., Thermodynamic theory explains the temperature optima of soil microbial processes and high Q10 values at low temperatures, Global change biology, 2014,20(11),3578-86.
3.Hobbs et al., Change in heat capacity for enzyme catalysis determines temperature dependence of enzyme catalyzed rates, ACS chemical biology, 2013,8(11),2388-93.

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