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Digital control of DC-DC Buck-Boost converter

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Modeling and Implementation Buck-Boost Converter Control on TI C2000 Processor


Updated 27 Aug 2018

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DC to DC power converters are used in various applications like electric vehicles, power supplies,renewable energy, LED lighting and various other applications.
Some of the key challenges faced in designing efficient DC to DC power converters are

1) Sizing passive components and understanding the behavior in CCM, DCM.
2) Determining power losses and the thermal behavior of the converter.
3) Designing control algorithm based on time/frequency domain specification.
4) Implementation of the power electronic controls on to an embedded processor.

In this demo ,we will take a hardware - DC to DC LED developer's kit (TMDSDCDCLEDKIT) from Texas Instruments and we will explore how to model and implement DC to DC converter control using MATLAB and Simulink.

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