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Asynchronous motor model fed through an inverter

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Asynchronous motor model fed through an inverter with a selection of different reference frames.


Updated 17 Apr 2019

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This is the model of a three phase Induction motor fed through a three phase inverter and with the selection of different reference frames. By changing the reference frame, one can observe the change in the currents and induced voltages. Moreover, there is a possibility to regulate the rotor voltages which are set to zero in this model.
This is very easy to use and understand model. This model has ben comapred with the standard Simulink model of Induction motor named "Three-Phase Asynchronous Machine" and both the models match in the results quit well.
The saturation and other fine modelling techniques as used in Matlab standard model are not part of this model offcourse but it is a good model to start understanding the working of the induction motor and to understand the basics of control of DFIG if rotor voltages are controlled as well.

Pls refer to my other model named "DFIG Wind turbine Model" to learn how to control the rotor voltages.

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Awahab (2021). Asynchronous motor model fed through an inverter (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Simulink / MATLAB Dynamic Induction Motor Model for Use as ATeaching and Research Tool by Aleck W. Leedy

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Inspired by: DFIG Wind turbine Model


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